Woodward Park wetland

Woodward Park Nature Preserve is a Columbus Nature preserve that features a mature oak-hickory, beech-maple mature forest. While not shown on the map, the headwaters of Bill Moose Run follows the southern edge of the park, and is culverted under I-71 to continue flowing west. A small freshwater forested shrub wetland area is in the northwest corner of the park (it's the small green patch near 71N).

During spring and summer, the forest floor is covered with a wide variety of wildflowers, including large white trillium, rue anemone and bloodroot. The mature forest supports a community of wildlife including salamanders, warblers, owl, and flying squirrels.

Bill Moose Run has its headwaters in the park

Woodward Park wetlands

There is a boardwalk, but it's pretty short!