Coe Ditch, Jasonway Run

Jasonway flows east from an outflow at Knightsbridge to the Olentangy, a little north of Henderson Road. A feeder stream, Coe Ditch, flows through Anheuser-Busch Sports Park, then flows directly south along 315 to enter the main stream.


2021 sampling sites (Coe & Jasonway)

2021 monitoring data for Coe / Bowers Ditch (Macroinvertebrate Cumulative Index Value rating: poor)

2021 monitoring data for Jasonway (Macroinvertebrate Cumulative Index Value rating: poor)

Coe Ditch, looking west from the bridge between parking lots at Bill McDonald Sports Complex.
Following Coe Ditch eastward; it is fairly overgrown with honeysuckle, so passage isn't easy.
Here the ditch curves to follow the freeway; a fence discourages visitors from following it at this point.
This is where Coe Ditch meets Jasonway, at the east side of the park.
The tunnel where Jasonway goes under the freeway is popular with skateboarders. Facing east.
The other side of the 315 tunnel - facing west.
Looking east from the tunnel as the stream approaches the river.
Here the stream enters the river.
Surprisingly, while the feeder stream still flowed freely, even during a drought, the body of Jasonway had areas of no flow. Facing west towards Olentangy River Road.
At this spot on Knightsbridge, two outflows unite to create the stream.
Other road crossings were choked with honeysuckle, but this area had willows. Looking down from the outflows on Knightsbridge.