Walhalla Creek

Walhalla Road is between E. California and E. Weber (Hollow shown but not the creek itself)


2021 sampling site

2021 monitoring data for Walhalla (Macroinvertebrate Cumulative Index Value rating: poor)

Walhalla stream and ravine
Walhalla stream and ravine

Photos by Ellie Nowels, July 2020


Walhalla Creek originates just West of Indianola Avenue


The stream flows along Walhalla Road. Once at High Street, the creek continues underground until it joins the Olentangy River.


This stream flows in close proximity to the street, and can be accessed at multiple points throughout the ravine portion of Walhalla Rd.



Clintonville was developed into a neighborhood in the early 1900s. Most homes in the Walhalla area were built between 1920 and 1950. The older infrastructure around the creek makes it susceptible to human impacts such as sanitary sewer overflow during heavy rain events.

In 2012, the Ohio EPA and the Franklin County Environmental Crimes Task Force found two men guilty of illegally dumping wasted (paint) into Walhalla Creek. The dump sites have since been cleaned up, and a neighborhood group now keeps an eye out for similar illegal activity.

Images from a roadside walk (no sidewalks or trail, so visitors have to walk in the roadway). July 24, 2020. Most homes do not front on Walhalla, but have the ravine and stream as a back yard. Some have added their own bridges or stairs to allow easy access to Walhalla.