Turkey Run North

(Village at Willowbrook)


2021 sampling site

2021 monitoring data for Willowbrook (Turkey Run north) (Macroinvertebrate Cumulative Index Value rating: poor)

Village at Willow Brook Stream Habitat Restoration

Thanks to the efforts of some dedicated residents at the Village at Willow Brook, the stream habitat on the north side of their condominiums is dramatically improving! The Village at Willow Brook is a 124-unit condo community that was built in 1996. The developer built the community along a tributary of the Olentangy that is one of several called Turkey Run, referred to as Turkey Run “North” (not to be confused with the Turkey Run that flows through the OSU golf course!) The creek serves as a conduit for stormwater from an area of about 670 acres, bounded mostly by Bethel Rd. on the south, Case Rd. on the north, and as far west as OSU airport.

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Erosion controls implemented at Willowbrook

This shows multiple erosion control processes used at Willowbrook

  1. Tree Revetment: In a tree revetment system, small fallen trees are laid horizontally along the stream bank and anchored in place to prevent erosion. The trees slow down the flow of water along the back, greatly diminishing the rate of erosion.

  2. Coir logs: Natural fibers wrapped in tubular netting reduce overbank erosion

  3. Downspout drain extensions, to reduce direct flow onto the stream bank

  4. (Not shown) Live willow and osier stakes, for stream bank stabilization

Downspouts draining directly on the stream slope caused severe erosion. Downspout extenders have been added to redirect the water flow beyond the slope.

After invasive honeysuckle was removed, volunteers planted native plants and trees in the no-mow zone.