Linworth Run (Carhart Run?)

Articles in Ravinia, Fall 2010/Winter 2011 describe Linworth Run as the stream shown just north of Plesenton Dr. (which circles around Jeffers Mound, not shown on the map). The stream south of Plesenton Dr. currently carries the name of Linworth Run.


Linworth Run enters the Olentangy River at RM 9.90 in Franklin County. The Ohio EPA monitored this tributary in 1999 at RM 0.90 (Linworth Rd.) Water quality in Linworth Run appears threatened (Ohio EPA 1999). As classified by the Palmer Drought Severity Index, severe to extreme drought conditions were indicated for the period between July and October 1999 (Ohio DNR 1999).

NOTE: After this was written, some further research uncovered an article written for Ravinia (Friends of the Ravines' newsletter) in 2010 . It seems that the historical Linworth Run is actually bit north of this stream, and it was perhaps an EPA error that attached the Linworth name to the stream. FLOW is attempting to find the actual name of this stream. Older maps designate the manmade, ditched portion of the stream as Carhart Ditch or Run, but evidence hasn't been found that would prove that the stream itself is named Carhart Run. Stay tuned!

Culvert under Linworth Road. It was necessary to cut across a landowner's mown property to exit the stream.
The stream does meander quite nicely.
A section on the north side, closer to Linworth Road, has been cleared of honeysuckle in the past.
This was the only major landowner addition in this stretch.
There are no clear paths along this section of the stream; it took a good deal of climbing under and over fallen trees and through underbrush to navigate this section.
Low water levels made wading easy.
Fallen trees caused a flow backup at this spot, with soapy pollution evident.
Some excess nutrients were evident, but only in this one area.
Several landowners have been mowing right up to the stream's edge.
Close to Olentangy River Road.
The culvert under Olentangy River Road. To get here I had to take a steep descent along a small drainage area and climb over some fences.