Slyh Run

Slyh Run is a very confusing area since it looks like the city of Columbus & ODOT have culverted several streams and combined them. Slyh Run actually goes through the ODOT Right of Way (recently converted to a wet pond at Broadway and was previously a dry basin with a concrete gutter). Then the stream is culverted because of the 315 and the hospital. It re-enters as a stream at the Ohio Health Property (and is very ditch-like with a very narrow riparian area).


2021 sampling points (A & B)

2021 monitoring data for Slyh Run site A (Macroinvertebrate Cumulative Index Value rating: poor)

Site B not monitored in 2021

Scroll down for a chart of 2018 sampling results (sites A & B).

In 2018 a restoration project was initiated in the vicinity of Cranbrook Elementary School, using a series of stream inserts to slow down water flow. The Cranbrook Elementary Stream Insert Project was made possible thanks to donations from the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and assistance from Kurt Keljo of Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District.

A pedestrian bridge has been constructed, thanks to the contributions of many generous donors, who are recognized here: CRANBROOK PROJECT DONORS

TREE PLANTING: Cranbrook I-tree Assessment – This report covers the tree impact we’ve made and will continue to have at Cranbrook Elementary since planting trees in Fall 2016.

Tree planting projects in this area are continuing. The most recent was in March of 2022.

Read more here:

Restoring Slyh Run - FLOW newsletter Fall 2018, pg 2

Cranbrook stream insert sign-print.pdf
Insert repair guidance for Slyh Run.pdf

Left: details of the stream insert plan. Above: perfecting the design when high water flow created the need for repairs.

Click the photo to watch a video of the Slyh Run bridge placement.

Visit the video section of our Facebook page for more videos about the bridge project.

Slyh Run monitoring data.xlsx

Macroinvertebrate sampling data from 2016 + 2017