Turkey Run

Turkey Run flows through the OSU Golf Course and neighborhoods near Kenny Road. It enters the Olentangy River at RM 5.82. It is 1.5 miles in length and drains 2.4 square miles in Franklin County.


Sampling sites (not sampled in 2021)

Water Quality

EPA water quality assessments are based on the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the river. When this stream was sampled in 1999, it had intermittent flow. It is likely that the effects of nearly every stressor within the basin were made more acute by the diminished stream flow within the entire catchment (EPA pg. 59). This tributary is classified as “non-attaining” for a warm water habitat. Based on testing done in 2003, Turkey Run was found to have high levels of pesticides and organic and metal contamination in its sediment. The primary causes of this are run-off from the OSU golf course, the golf course dam, other run-off from urban areas. A plan of action includes working with the OSU golf course to reduce pesticide use and reduce run-off into the stream.

Field Work Data (2014)

This data was collected by an environmental science class at Upper Arlington High School. The main slide shows the collected averages for all of the different testing sites on Turkey Run. As you move to the right, you see data collected for each testing sites along Turkey Run. Additional information and a discussion of the water quality and the condition of the riparian area for Turkey Run in the paper To what extent can restoring native riparian plant coverage affect the health of Turkey Run tributary? by Claire Scott, a student at Upper Arlington High School.

ENS Field work data
Turkey Run monitoring data.xlsx