Sharon Township

Water Quality

This section of the river is rated as non-attaining for Primary Contact Recreation, which means that swimming would not be recommended under most conditions. However, this section of the river has one of the highest habitat scores on the Lower Olentangy. It is listed as in attainment for a Warm Water Habitat, which means it supports a diverse population of fish and macroinvertebrates. The watershed that empties into this part of the stream consists of 41% impervious surface, which is fairly high. The reason for its low recreational use score was the high level of pathogens and nutrients in the water. Recommendations FLOW would make for this area of the river include educational programs about runoff for residents in the watershed. These programs would encourage actions like rain barrels and rain gardens, which can keep stormwater from washing lawn fertilizers and other nutrient sources into the storm sewer system. FLOW would also encourage riparian habitat restoration in this area. Riparian corridors serve as a buffer and a filter for water before it reaches the filter.