Olentangy Parklands unnamed tributaries

This part of the watershed changed a lot back in the 70's when ODOT put in SR 315. They cut out the meander of the river seen in this map andshortened the stream length by 500 ft. Three stone grade control structures were added that make canoeing and kayaking south to SR 161 problematic.

Current map of the area showing the straightened, shortened river. At the very top of the map you can see an unnamed tributary to the Olentangy River at River Mile 11.65.

This map shows three unnamed tributaries just off Wilson Bridge Road. FLOW plans to begin monitoring of the tributary at River Mile 11.1 (bottom red line) but did not sample it in 2021.

All sample sites on larger map

In spite of stream modification, bald cypress is able to thrive here - you can see the cypress "knees" along the stream bank.